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            Welcome上海福利彩票下载网 to the world's first publicly available Honda VIN database! Here you can estimate the year in which your Honda has been built in!

            This list comes with a disclaimer though:

            1. The list is transcribed manually. This means that typos may happen.

            2. The data does not come from Honda, but from many publications that are/were available

            3. This database does not cover all models.

            Please, feel free to contact me if you cannot find your model!

            Click HELP in the Honda VIN Database menu for assistance with searching.

            ! = There seems to be an inconsistency here.
            For example, CD200 is entered as model while the frame number says CB200.
            NL = Only applies to The Netherlands
            @ = May have an Alpha designator in frame number

            [1] The frame number on most CT70 models is located on the frame, directly above the front drive sprocket. If you read CT70-xxxxxx you have a three-speed automatic and if you read CT70H-xxxxxxx you have a manual clutch model.
            [2] All frame numbers over 2500004 are noted by year. There is currently an uncertainty of where the frame number is located, but if it is not imprinted as mentioned in note [1], please look on the steering head or under the tank. Another clue can be that Honda placed a sticker on the frame that reads i.e. "1977 Model"
            [3] Sold in US from 26-08-1969
            [4] D, U, E and F cover General Export, England. Australia and France. But it is currently unknown which letter is what. Colors: NH-111 / G-112

            Note: The following translation is not fully verified yet. Please help by volunteering to translate, please!
            [ J1 ] スーパーカブの変遷OHVからSOHCまで / Transition of Super Cub From OHV to SOHC
            [ J2 ] キック / Kickstarter
            [ J3 ] セル / Battery (Electric starter?)
            [ J4 ] スタンダード / Standard
            [ J5 ] ス / A = Standard
            [ J6 ] デラックス / Deluxe = DX
            [ J7 ] 年末時ナンバー / Number at the end of the year
            [ J8 ] 最終型 / Final type
            [ J9 ] 赤カブ / Red Turnip (have a 4-stroke vegetable!)
            [ J10 ] ピビジネス / Pi Business (?)
            [ J11 ] ビジネス / Business
            [ J12 ] プレスカブスタンダード / Press Cub Standard
            [ J13 ] カブ30周年記念車 / Cub 30th anniversary commemorative (vehicle?)
            [ J14 ] プレスカブデラックス / Press Cub Deluxe
            [ J15 ] リトルカブ / Little Cub
            [ J16 ] スターターダイナモ装備 / Equipped with starter dynamo


            * Parts lists, workshop manuals, encyclopedias
            * wiki.hobbyist.de
            * honda50.com
            * カタログ/パーツリスト/参考資料/サービスマニュアル/二輪車整備ハンドブック/各種資料。本田技研工業株式会社発行 / Catalog / parts list / service manual / motorcycle maintenance handbook / various materials. Published by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
            * Honda Motorcycle Identification Guide 1959-2000
            Genuine Parts List - Model CB50J, Issue 2


            ED : European Direct Sales
            E : United Kingdom
            F : France
            G1/G2/G3 : Germany, Full power and Linited power
            U : Australia
            SA : South Africa
            ND : Northern Europe
            SW : Switzerland
            SD : Sweden
            FI : Finland
            N : Norway
            IT : Italy
            B : Belgium
            H : The Netherlands
            AR : Austria
            D/DK/DM : General Export, kmh and mph
            SP : Spain

            (c) 2016-2019 - - Honda VIN number to Year database
            Made with the love for Honda Motorcycles and Mopeds

            [obsolete notes]

            * = Off Road Only

            ** = Competition Only

            *** = Mopeds


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